Aussie-fest in the West

Planning Aussie-fest in the West is underway with the Events West Wyalong Team, so if you wish to help please join our next meeting at 99 Spices (Cameo Inn Motel) 6:30pm Monday May 12th 2017.

Thank you to all who attended, took part and helped at ‘India in the West’ our 5th 'in the West' festival, where we have fun celebrating a world culture with an Australian twist. This year we will turn the telescope right around and look at ourselves.

Events West Wyalong have agreed that our 6th ‘in the West’ festival will celebrate Country Australia itself. Expect lots of larrikin humour, great music and quirky events at ‘Aussie-fest in the West’ 27th, 28th & 29th October 2017.

Last year's jam packed program included these highlights:

India in the West festival 2016 West Wyalong
Friday evening - the big game with Aussie Sporting Legend

australia plays cricket with india in West Wyalong

Merv Hughes

Merv Hughes

Big-hearted, hairy, macho, lippy, star right-arm fast bowler Merv Hughes (Fruitfly) was on hand at the MCG (McAlister Cricket Ground) for our 'international' 20/20 match. Splattered with plenty of bollywood dance and razamataz, food, drink and Merv's mischievous sense of humour.


Saturday Highlights:

Ravi and henna hands
Himalayan Thunder
Denim Tuesday

12noon The Float Parade - made it's passage from McCann Park to 'The Magic of India' at Ron Crowe Oval. Family markets, music & dance from The Videsi Guys & Girls. Live Bands, Nic and the Mix, Denim Tuesday and The Millthumpers, celebrations included the firework spectacular - 'Himalayan Thunder'.

India met West Wyalong in a riot of colour and sound with The Maharanee of Buddigower (Suzie Newman). Bollywood and traditional indian dance plus Ravi and his Reptile Superstars.


Sundays Highlights:

Colour Runmarigolds-in-leaf-bowls float at McCann Park

The day started with Colour Run from the Sale Yards and continued with Combined Worship, Exhibitions and the Evening Wind-down - Hindu Festival of light (Laxma Puja).

Click here to view our full program

'In the West' is organised by Events West Wyalong, join our membership and lend a helping hand, or follow us on facebook Facebook


in the West Art Prize

The 2016 Art Prize was kindly hosted by Splatter Gallery, and sponsored by Bland Shire Council. Multi faceted prizes covered many spheres of artistic media.

The Aquisative Major $1000 in the West Prize (open to artists from the Bland Shire) was awarded this year to renouned sculptor Ralph Tickapae. website link


Indian bus arrives in west wyalong

The 'In the West' Photo competition/exhibition encouraged a host of fantastic photographs and is set to run again in 2017

This photographic competition/exhibition, explored the talents of local photographers (100km radius of West Wyalong) in many catagories. Digital manipulation was encouraged in several subject categories including the India in the West Theme with it's $300 Major Prize. A special thankyou to our judges....The 2016 prizes were awarded as follows:
Under 8: 1st Amanda Penfold “Mr Snail” 2nd Matilda Penfold “Skippy” 3rd Matilda Penfold “Cotton Kids”
8 to 12 Years: 1st Mia Pettit “Ocean” 2nd Alex Rees “Chimney” 3rd Alex Rees “Lego Helicopter”
13 to 17 Years: 1st Rebecca Cumming “Rainbow” 2nd Kasey Mullins “A giggle a day keeps the Glum’s Away” 3rd Rebecca Cumming “Rangel Feet”.
NOVICE: 1st Amanda Stitt “Power of One” 2nd Lavinia Wilkinson “Muddy Puddles” 3rd Amanda Stitt “Natures jewellery” Merit Amanda Stitt “Smoky Sunrise”
OPEN - Person/ People: 1st Lorraine Williams “Dags” 2nd Jason Hurley “Spare Change” 3rd Shirley Funnell “Saudi Man”
OPEN - Animal/Bird or Insect: 1st Lorraine Williams “All Bull” 2nd Lorraine Williams “The Huntsman” 3rd Ruth Penfold “The Woolly Jumper”
OPEN - All things rustic 1st Susan Cronin “Bygone Days” 2nd Lorraine Williams “Hotel Kikoira” 3rd Lorraine Williams “VW”.
INDIA IN THE WEST Theme: Joint winners. Lyn Worner and Ruth Penfold
Entry forms for 2017 'Aussie-fest in the West" will be posted here to download when available.